About Us

The Red Book Consultancy was formed having identified a gap in the business market for high quality communication and organisational skills across individual Executives, small, medium and large enterprises.

With over 20 years knowledge and experience in the arena of business management with some of the largest corporations in the world - Microsoft, PepsiCo, and Avanade - we understand the need in today’s market for flexible yet superior quality business skills, to be available either on a short term intense project assignment basis or on a flexible retainer over a period of time.

We understand the importance of image, reputation and brand, so when you work with us, we invest in understanding you, your goals and ethics ensuring that our integration with you and your business is seamless. We represent you as your key partner.

Our philosophy is to work with you the way you like to work and adapt our style to meet your needs. We will be as flexible or as structured in our way of working with you that you need us to be.