At The Red Book Consultancy we understand the need for clarity in communication, and the power that this has between individuals and businesses, internally and externally. Relationships and trust are built on powerful communication; they are broken on miscommunication.

We are able to offer the following services to assist you or your business to communicate more effectively.

  • Review of internal communications strategy and plans to ensure that the model for your organisation is robust and drives communication both top to bottom and bottom to top across your organisation. This can include a review of the tools you use to communicate with your staff and the effectiveness of these individually.
  • Production of a communications plan for your business or to support a key project or launch incorporating both internal and external aspects.
  • Production of internal company communications ensuring key messaging is delivered appropriately to staff and external stakeholders.
  • Production of marketing copy for websites and brochures, working alongside design teams to ensure optimum impact of your collateral.
  • Production of invitation text for launches and events ensuring you deliver the right messaging to your customers and partners and potential customers.