Additional Information

Our Work Ethic
We pride ourselves on our confidentiality and discretion. Any conversation held with a client is deemed confidential, and no information is ever shared across clients unless specifically requested by a client due to a common interest or opportunity.

We appreciate that due to the elite nature of our clients, they may be concerned at a potential conflict of interest as new clients subscribe to the services of The Red Book Consultancy Ltd. All clients are researched and every endeavour made to avoid conflict. If there is any concern at all, we contact you and discuss the situation with you.

Our Fees
As we tailor our service to meet your needs, our costs are also tailored to reflect the service you sign up for. Formal quotes can be provided in a very short timescale, and discounts applied for longer contracts and retainers.

Costs incurred for incidentals, travel, events etc are charged directly where possible to avoid administrative charges. Should The Red Book Consultancy Ltd need to purchase anything on your behalf, this is detailed individually on your monthly invoice.

We will be delighted to provide any potential clients with references on request.