Events Management

We understand that to retain events skills in-house can be costly and not always a full-time requirement. However, there are occasions when specific projects need to be carried out where professional experience is needed. The Red Book Consultancy Ltd offers events management and marketing capability in a number of areas. All services are tailored specifically to the needs of the organisation.

  • Kick-off meetings for teams of individuals needing to be bought in to an idea or concept.
  • Company conferences and motivational events, including:
    • Venue selection
    • Agenda for the day
    • Speaker engagement
    • Ownership of script map for the entire event ensuring alignment of messaging and themes across the day
    • Social events, team building and dinners
  • Product launches including:
    • Management of invites and attendance follow up 
    • Structure of launch 
    • Management of key messaging 
    • Delegate follow up
  • Team building for leadership teams. 
  • Gala dinners either for internal events for morale or for customer events. 
  • Partner events to demonstrate support for the role partners play in an organisation. This applies to both personal partners (e.g. Director's wives and husbands), and also business partners. 
  • Press and publicity engagement to launch concepts, announce new roles, financial results or product launches.